Go away -hairflip-



light why do people think i'm stupid?



omfg am I really the only one who knows kuhuhu

ya ^_^ remember i told you awhile ago? how else would you have made the shrine of my face in your room?

pokemon news


i don’t understand how i used to spend 20 hours a day on here.

She just doesn’t understand. Like how the fuck?

omg who are you

Only willfosho knows my identity. I told him a while back

Can I just bring this back, please. 

Can I just bring this back, please. 

pretty sure that blog is jordan

hello little ones


just thought id say there’s a new Light Yagami on the block. i wonder who I’ll take down first..

It’s okay, you tried.


when i was de0xys my blog used to be all pokemon

those were dark days

According to you, though, you weren’t a pokemon blog.

Soooo real. I LOVE ITTTT <3333333333